Ship Spare Parts

Marine Main and Generator Engine Parts

Headways in ship engine spare parts have ascribed to the prominence of current diesel engines for ships in the present shipping industry. Vigorous diesel main engines and generator engines for marine favored by most of the marine business for smooth activities and superior. Commerce Harbor has been giving premium and progressed ship main engine spare parts and marine generator engine spare parts for vigorous ship activities over the world. 

Marine Spare Parts - Turbocharger

Turbochargers are the fundamental part of a marine ship engine. Any shortcomings prompt engine breakdown as well as loss of income. Nonetheless, because of the accessibility of marine turbocharger spare parts, keeping up engines is unmistakably more doable. A marine turbocharger reuses exhaust gases and helps expand the engine’s general effectiveness. 

Marine Air Compressor Spare Parts

A marine air compressor gives compressed air to different purposes on a ship. An marine air compressor is one of the most significant hardware on a ship which needs extraordinary consideration and routine upkeep. A portion of the principle types of air compressors based on the utilization utilized on ships are the main air compressor, deck air compressor, topping up compressor and emergency air compressor.

Marine Pumps Spare Parts

A ship comprises of different kinds of liquids moving inside various machinery and systems to cool, warming, lubricate, and as fuel. These fluids are coursed by various sorts of marine pumps, which can be autonomously determined by ship power supply or appended to the machinery itself. All the systems on board ship require legitimate operational and viable pumps and pumping system with the goal that ship can run on its journey easily.

Oily Water Separator Spare Parts

A ship produces oil and water blend consistently which should be isolated from one another, before releasing the messy water out of ship utilizing equipment such as oily water separator. Controlling water contamination has become unmistakably more proficient since the utilization of separators. It is presently a prerequisite for all vessels to have an oil release checking and control framework alongside an oil filtering equipment known as the Oily Water Separator (OWS). 

Marine Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

We at Commerce Harbor FZE give genuine and alternative plates and gaskets, with steady turn of events, are originating from our diverse worldwide chosen top notch accomplices. Any model of plates and gaskets, present in our deals have gone through a serious examination and controls. We can flexibly supply genuine spares, OEM’s, 100% alternative affirmed with affirmation and guarantee. 

Marine Refrigeration Spare Parts

Refrigeration is a cycle wherein the temperature of a space or its substance is decreased to underneath that of their environmental factors. Refrigeration is utilized in the carriage of some liquefied gases and bulk chemicals in air conditioning systems, to cool mass CO2 for firefighting frameworks and to safeguard short-lived staples during transport of staple.

Marine Boiler & Incinerator Spare Parts

The utilization of marine boiler and incinerator spare parts has prompted a move in the shipping industry. As boilers, including marine boilers, are generally in contact with water and steam, they are destined to be susceptible to corrosion or rusting. This would then be able to prompt the boiler breaking down, which is the reason it is fundamental to have them looked after effectively.

Blow-off and steam vent silencers

We offer the whole range of silencers for all kinds of blow-off, vent and other release processes:

  • Safety valve silencer
  • Vent silencers
  • Start-up silencers
  • Snort valve silencers
  • Control valve silencers
  • Natural gas silencers
  • Special solutions

Flue-gas silencers

 We supply the whole range of silencers behind the gas turbine and for all kind of boilers. For the gas turbine side, we offer all ›hot‹ silencers, either in the horizontal duct downstream the gas turbine diffuser, in HRSG inlet duct, or in the bypass system for every GT size and temperatures up to 700 °C. For the cold side behind the HRSG, we design silencers in the outlet duct and in the main stack.

Acoustic Enclosures

  •  Gas turbines
  • Engines
  • Steam turbines
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Presses
  • other industrial applications

Acoustic Claddings and Shrouds

The comprehensive range of our cladding and shrouds projects:

Acoustic design and optimization of facades and roofs
3-D (CAD) model engineering
Planning and processing
Laboratory tests and measurements
Static calculation
Industrial design
Detailed engineering of all components 

Cooling Tower Silencers

Acoustic design of the silencer or noise barrier Optimisation of silencers’ pressure loss and acoustic requirements under economic aspects Structural design, CFD and FEM calculations on request Verification of attenuation and of pressure loss in our testing labs Access to the full know-how of the Müller-BBM Group Manufactured in Germany at our own workshop Mounting included on request Site coordination, monitoring and management according to the highest safety standards Supervision of your mounting or (if required) your manufacturing procedures Technical support with acceptance procedures Guarantee on acoustic and aerodynamic performance Complete documentation according to your requirements

Engine Exhaust Silencers

Customised silencers that meet the highest acoustic requirements Solutions ready for serial production Guaranteed mechanical and acoustic design Optimisation of the silencers’ pressure loss and acoustic requirements taking economic aspects into consideration Access to all of the experience of the Müller-BBM Group Acoustic design of the entire system High engineering standards Own factories in order to ensure the high quality and shortest delivery time Fixed prices Structural design, CFD and FEM calculations on request Inspection and documentation of each silencer

Inline Silencer

Wide range of applicability in pipe engineering and in related fields Use of woven fabric as a sound absorbing material allows easy cleaning High passage velocity Availability in all practical diameters and for all practical static pressure ranges Small, compact construction and high acoustic performance High structure-born attenuation along the silencer wall Highly cost effective system noise control solution by mounting multi stage throttling devices in front of the silencer

Blowdown and Condensate Systems

Process engineering design with determination of all main dimensions, cross-sections and volumes Providing an acoustic concept, including the design of noise reducing blowdown tank inserts as well as the design of the blow-off silencer Determination of all equipment parts and of the construction of the individual components Design of the acoustic and thermal insulationA support, guidance and expansion Earth quake protection

Resilient Mountings with KSD®

A double-elastic mounting on traditional insulating elements can only be carried out by installing a heavy concrete intermediate foundation. KSD®-Elements, however, achieve a comparable effect without the need for any intermediate mass, resulting in less weight, a lower construction height and reduced costs. KSD®-Elements insulate vibration and structure-borne noise Clearly more efficient than rubber or steel springs, KSD®-Elements prevent the transmission of intrusive vibrations and structure-borne noise into buildings.

Red Handflare Mk8

Red hand-held, short range distress signal. Used to pinpoint location by day or night. Burns for 60 seconds at 15,000 candela.

Para Red Rocket Mk8A

The Pains Wessex Para Red MK8A Rocket conforms to SOLAS 74/88 as amended.

Lifesmoke Mk9

The NEW Pains Wessex Lifesmoke MK9 is a compact, flat top, day time distress signal designed to be easy and safe to handle.

Manoverboard Mk9

The Pains Wessex Manoverboard MK9 Compact Lifebuoy Marker is normally mounted on a ship’s bridge wing attached to a 4 kg lifebuoy.

Buoysmoke Mk9

15 minute orange smoke Man Overboard day time Lifebuoy marker. Identical to Manoverboard MK9 Light & Smoke Signal – but without the lighting system.

Linethrower 250 – Body and Line ONLY

Self-contained linethrowing appliance. Plastic launcher with 250m of 4mm dia line.

Linethrower 250

A self-contained line-throwing appliance consisting of a plastic case with an end cap and 250m of line, an integral striker mechanism plus a rocket.

Linethrower 250 Rocket